These names are listed in order that they appear in the Hundred Surnames Poem aka Bai Jia Xing (百家姓).  Only names that have links to information have been included.  For a complete list of the Bai Jia Xing names with pronunciations and meanings, please visit Ronald Eng's site.
# Surname Romanized Name Pronunciation

Meaning and Origin

1 Chao, Chew, Chu, Chiu Zhao4 To return the goods to the original owner
2 Chien Qien2 cash; money
3 Sun, Suen Sun1 grandson, descendants
4 Lee Li3 Plum
5 Chow Zhou1 From the Zhou dynasty, circumference
6 Woo, Ng, Ang, Eng Wu2 Surname, Province of Jiangsu
7 Cheng, Chung Zheng4 Serious, Solemn
8 Wang, Ong, Wong Wang2 King, Ruler, Chief
9 Foong, Fung, Pang Feng2 horse running
10 Chen, Chin, Chan Chen2 Display, Stale
16 Yang, Young, Yeo, Yeung Yang2 Poplar, Aspen
17 Zhu, Chu, Gee Zhu1 Vermilion, red, scarlet
24 Chang, Cheung, Chiang Zhang1 Open up
29 Jin Jin1 Gold
42 Su Su1 Revive from unconsciousness
43 Pan Pan1 Place name
60 Liu Liu3 Willow tree
62 Bao Bao4 Abalone
69 Louis, Lui Lei2 Thunder
70 He He4 Congratulate
72 Tang, Tong Tang1 Soup
75 Law, Loh, Lo Luo2 Snare, Catch with a trap, List, Arrange
79 An An1 Peaceful, Quiet, Still
89 Wu, Ng, Eng Wu3 Army troop
93 Gu Gu4 Look around
96 Hwang, Wong Huang2 Yellow
99 Hsiao, Siu, Seow Xiao1 Mournful, Name of a herbal grass
106 Mao Mao2 Hair,Fur
127 Dong Dong3 A director or manager
128 Liang, Leung Liang2 Beam of a roof, Bridge, an Elevation
144 Mei, Moy Mei2 Plum
149 Zhong Zhong1 Bell
150 Shu, Shaw, Seah Xu2 Slow, Slowly, Gradually
151 Khu, Kau, Hui Qiu1 Small hill, mound
155 Chai, Chua, Choy, Tsai Cai4 Surname
158 Hu Hu2 Beard, Reckless, Blindly
159 Ling Ling2 Ice, Encroach, Soar
162 Wan, Man, Won Wan4 Ten Thousand, Many
164 Ke Ke1 Stem of the branches of a tree
168   Mok Mo4 Do not, Is not, Can not; Negative
198 Lu Lu4 Land, Continent, The shore
200 Weng Weng1 Old man, Elderly person
202 Yang Yang2 Goat, Sheep
218 Duan Duan4 Section, Part, Portion
220 Wu Wu1 Wizard, Witch
221 Wu Wu1 Black, Dark
233 Quan Quan2 Completely, Entire
245 Gan Gan1 Sweet, Pleasant
267 Bai Bai2 White, Pure
276 Lai Lai4 To Blame, Rely
277 Zhuo Zhuo2 Surpassing, Lofty, Prominent
293 Tan Tan2 To Talk, Gossip, Boast
361 Au, Ou Ou1 Brawl
372 Nie Nie4 Speak softly near the ear
394 Kwan, Quan,  Guan1 Mountain Pass
401 You, Yow You2 To Roam, Swim, Wandering
410 司馬 Si-Ma, Sze- Ma, See- Ma Si1 Ma3 Ancient title of an officer in charge of the armed forces 
412 歐陽 Au-Yong,Au-Young, Ow-Yang  Ou1 Yang2 Sun, Bright, Clear, Worldy
437 司徒 Si-Tu, Seto Si1 Tu2 Official in charge of ritual ceremony in the ancient rulers court
508 Di Di3 Residence of a high ranking official
510 Mai, Mak Mai4 Wheat

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